Musical Instruments You Can Study At Home

You don’t need talent to play a musical instrument. First, you need ambition.  I will present you with some ideas of instruments, which you will surely want to try. Which musical instruments you can study at home?

You can try it for the first time as a hobby. It’s relaxing to sing with friends at a party, or a mini family concert, or just sit back in the comfort of your own room.

You have probably already noticed that music has a therapeutic effect. It can make you happy, it can make you sad, and it can give you energy. You listen to music when you clean, when you cook, when you walk, when you are sad, when you are in the car.

Therapists recommend music in all its forms. You can sing, write or listen to a song. It helps to improve heart rate, reduces anxiety, stimulates the brain and the learning process, and provides communication channels that can be useful for those who have difficulty expressing themselves.

The piano

The piano is the most widespread musical instrument and also the most versatile. It takes determination and patience to sing well.

For beginners, experts recommend a classical piano before the electric one, being easier to learn on naturally produced sounds. For a child, the practice can start at an early age, 5-6 years.

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The guitar

The popularity of the guitar grew with pop and rock music genres. Like the piano, it is very versatile, and you can play with it from blues to rock.

The idea is to start with what kind of music you like. You can learn chords and notes on your favorite song and then try other genres.

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 The violin

The violin is the most reassuring musical instrument. Compared to other stringed and bowed instruments, like viola, cello and double bass, the violin is the smallest instrument and generates the highest musical sounds.

If you can practice for drums, guitar or piano without a teacher, with online tutorials or on specialized forums, things change with the violin. You need someone to teach you how to place it correctly and how to use the bow on the strings.

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First, think positive. Does it work out for you? Perfect. Doesn’t it work out for you? Perfect again. See where the mistake is and try until it works out. Ambition is everything. Do you want to do something? You can!

It didn’t work out, and you want to quit? Don’t do that. If at that moment you are too demoralized, stop and do something else. Clean up, walk, go out or sleep, and when you feel ready and relaxed, get started again.

Now you know which musical instruments you can study at home. What will you try first?

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