What Is Belly Dancing?

We all know about oriental dance that it is the most ancient form of dance. Over time, it has been practiced and viewed in different ways. However, in its early days, oriental dance was practiced only by women and only for women. But what is belly dancing?

In ancient times, women were considered being goddesses. Because they had the power to give life, which is why belly dancing was considered a ritual dance.

This dance was inherited from one generation to the next. Since its ritual status, it has become the oldest art in Egypt, being practiced every time women met. Religion required them to be separated from men, which is why it was considered a women’s dance.

Where does the name belly dance come from?

The name belly dance was translated after the French expression la danse du ventre, an expression that appeared after Napoleon invaded Egypt in 1798. Basically, this name was given by Napoleon’s army after it was shocked by the oriental dances of the Egyptian dancers. However, Napoleon’s army did not view belly dancing as an art form, but rather as a sexual insult.

The phrase belly dance became much more popular, but later, in 1893, when several belly dancers from the Middle East were present at the Chicago International Fair. The names of the oriental dance differ primarily depending on the region, from Raqs al Sharqi, the name in Egypt, to oryntal dances, the name used in Turkey.

Why learn belly dancing?

For hundreds of years, women have expressed their femininity, refinement and mystery with the help of oriental dance. By its nature, this dance is intended for women and fits the graceful body of the woman. It was created by women for women and is characterized by refined, sensual and smooth movements of the body as well as rapid movements of the pelvis and hips.

Whether you want to have a harmonious body or you want to add elegance, refinement, sensuality and mystery to your outfit, by participating in oriental dance classes you can have them all while you feel good and relax!

You also get what almost any woman wants: to be confident, beautiful and attractive! Even more, your boyfriend/husband, family and friends will admire you and see in you a happier, smiling and full of life woman!

Oriental dance styles are numerous. They are constantly enriched from the past to the present. By adding their own traditions and customs, each country that has adopted this art has left its mark and an original way of interpretation.


For several years now, more and more women, instead of aerobics or fitness, have been choosing belly dancing, which also strengthens the muscles and makes the body robust. Belly dancing or oriental dancing has been practiced for centuries in Turkey and the Arab territories. The Egyptian variant is appreciated for the subtle movements of the pelvis. The Turkish style emphasizes the movements of the arms and legs.

So what is belly dancing? It is a very emotional and expressive dance with the help of which the woman expresses her own feelings, creating through improvisation a unique and personal world. For oriental women, this dance is not only an excellent pastime but also a preparation for childbirth.

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  1. belly dance is very beautiful, it helps any woman to find the path of sensuality in addition to feeling happy. I would like my wife to do the dance for me.

  2. I really love this dance as ancient people used to perform this in the special occassions… I like watching them dancing like this!

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    me nikkil i see your articles you write all right things of belly dance. Its really beautiful
    belly dance is very beautiful,I would like my wife to do the dance for me.

  4. Belly dance is primarily a torso-driven dance, with an emphasis on articulations of the hips. Unlike many Western dance forms, the focus of the dance is on isolations of the torso muscles, rather than on movements of the limbs through space.Its really beautiful.

    • belly dance is very beautiful, it helps any woman to find the path of sensuality in addition to feeling happy. I would like my wife to do the dance for me.


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